Michael L. Design
Residential Design, Plan Review and Consulting
         After being involved in a life changing accident in 1989, I no longer was able to do physical work.  Being only 17 years old and facing a lifetime of being in a wheelchair, I have overcome many obstacals.  I came to a point where I made the decision to go back to school and further my education.  Having the ability to imagine a design before it is built has been a gift I've had since an early age.  After giving my future much thought, home design seemed to be the perfect career where I could make a huge impact in my life but most importantly, in my clients lives.  So in 2001 I enrolled in Drafting and Design Technology. After two years of studies and AutoCad training, I graduated in 2003 at the top of my class.  Over the last 14 years I have been blessed with the ability to design  homes in and around Acadiana.    
         Louisiana has a rich blend of Architecture that seems to be evolving as time goes by.  As a South Louisiana home designer, I do my best to preserve classic features of Louisiana homes but also blend in modern features for the lifestyles of my clients.  The personal connection that is formed as I design my clients future homes is very gratifying.  I personally meet with every one of my clients and see the entire project through from day one.  My no rush policy assures you will have the time needed to ensure your home will meet your every need. The ultimate goal is to have each and every home I design,  perfect for your family in every way.​​ 
The Process
         Upon contacting me, we discuss what size and style home you are looking for.  I usually start by looking in my database for a plan that is close to what you need.  At the initial meeting we discuss a list of needs/wants for your new home.  You usually bring, pictures, ideas or even a sketch/floorplan you may have that can get us going in the right direction.  We mostly communicate through email but can meet face to face as many times as needed. Changes are made until you approve the floor plan to be finalized.  The total time it takes to be completed mostly depends on how long it takes for the floor plan to be approved.  After you are satisfied and ready to move on, I usually can have the plan completed, printed and ready to pick up in about 2 weeks.