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The areas of concerns on this page mainly focus on the overall visual image of Church Point.  I understand we do have infrastructure, crime, drug, and other problems that need to be addressed but that is not the issues we are focusing on here.   I am also in the process of researching any planning and building codes that Church Point may already have.  The suggestions I make in those areas may already be in place, may be different than other peoples views, may never pass a city council vote, OR may be just simply, not being enforced.   There are both photos and information on this page.  Most are my opinions but are shared by many citizens of our town. You will find before & after photos that are photoshopped.  IN NO WAY DO I KNOW  IF ANY OF THIS WILL BE DONE!  Some in fact, may end up looking much different than you see here.  We are doing our best to revive our town but ultimately it is up to the business owners to make the final decisions.  These are only suggestions to consider.  Some pictures and information will focus on other things that I feel need to be addressed by our administration as well.  Again, these are personal opinions, observations, and recommendations.  In some cases, some of the concerns I have may very well be in the process of resolvement.

Church Point Revival, Improvements,
and City Beautification 

​       If your visiting this webpage, your probably interested and concerned about our home town of Church Point.  My goal is to make our town on the outside as wonderful as the great people that live here within it. This will involve a great deal of effort and the entire community coming together to accomplish these tasks.  For entirely too long we have watched downtown Main Street fall into disrepair.  Buildings that are salvageable are in need of major renovations.  Buildings that are deemed condemned, unfortunately,  must be torn down and replaced for the sake of reviving the image of our town.  Attracting new residents is crucial for the survival and progression of any city.  People considering Church Point for a home or business are concerned with things like safety, education, infrastructure and Parks & Recreation.  A major factor also, is the overall image and condition of your town and buildings.  It really exposes the pride and energy the people have within the town.  Take a drive downtown Church Point slowly.  Look on both sides of the street and judge for yourself. Some of these are in need of major improvements and it's past time come together and aggressively solve these issues that are ruining our businesses and the image of our town.  

       Below is a video comparing two closely located cities.  Both having older buildings but one has grossly neglected maintenance and active city ordinances.   My vision of Church Point is much higher than Sunset of coarse but this is simple a comparison of the two closely located towns.   As usual, funding does come into play but without a plan, vision, or participation of our cities administration, our town will remain without change or progress as it has been for years.  I believe our citys tax revenue needs to be spent wisely.  It is OUR tax money and we do have the final say as where we as citizens think it needs to allocated.  Contact your city councilman and express your concerns.  Watch the video, get involved, demand changes and do your part in making our town clean, attractive, prideful and beautiful.

Church Point vs Sunset