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Church Point City Parks Revival & Improvements

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Our city park is in much need of repairs and improvements.  With leadership, a clear vision of its future, volunteers and funding, we can truly have a park that is both functional and beautiful.  Although it has been put together piece by piece, the layout is decent and can be improved upon with careful planning.  Keeping up and updating our park is crucial for our city’s image, our kids and potential future residents of our town.
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Updated City Park Proposal - (done in phases) Would be paid for and built with grants, city allocations, fund raisers, donations, Go Fund Me account and volunteers.
1. Walking path and field sidewalks
2. Add two new graveled parking lots with lighting-(to be paved at a later time)
3. Add/remodel new bathrooms by concession stand
4. Update existing bathrooms
5. Remove all unnecessary fencing including fence added on the East side of park
6. Replace needed damaged fencing with removed East side fence
7. Move unused pavilion on the left of community center to right side of parking lot "A"
8. Add new pavilion by field 2
​9. Finish and paint parking lot railing on existing parking lot (it is not complete)
10. Mask all electrical panels
11. Plant masking shrubs on each side and the rear of community center
12. Add a few park benches and picnic tables – (donated)
13. Improved drainage – (see map)
14. Park buildings, pavilions, dugouts etc.  should have matching/coordinating colors
15. Water fountains added if necessary
16. Statinary BBQ pits
Suggestions welcome -

Church Point North side
 park revival & improvements

   This  park is in need of repairs and improvements also. A list of potential improvements are listed below.

1. New walking path that surrounds entire park
2. Lighting on parking lot if needed
3. Add new pavilion and connect both with walking path
​4. Paint parking lot railing on existing parking lot
5. Plant shrubs around parking lot
6. Add a few park benches and picnic tables – (donated)
7. Add water fountain 
8. Add new goals and nets
​9. Paint basketball goal posts
10. Stationary BBQ pits
- Suggestions welcome -